Several fags contacted me because they like the Fagspose project and would like to be part of it. But they realise the risks and that is keeping them from actually taking this huge step. 

Mostly these fags want to be exposed with photo and/or video, but without sharing privacy sensitive information.

Below is a draft of what Fagspose Light is going to be. 

Verification is mandatory

Even for Fagspose Light it is mandatory to have your ID verified. It will never be published, nor any of your personal information. I simply need this verification and a signed contract in which you give me permission to publish and spread your photos. Otherwise it would be illegal.

There are a lot of easy to fake “contracts” used by fags. They all look a bit like the one below. They don’t even have a link to a website to verify the authenticity of the image. Doxing is just too easy this way.

Permanent public exposure agreement, blurred because it not possible to verify the authenticity of this document.

Compare Basic and Light exposure

  Basic exposure Light exposure
Your real first name mandatory use an alias
Your face is completely recognisable
mandatory mandatory unless you live in a very unsafe country
Photos 10 or more with extended photography max. 10 
Video mandatory optional
Active spreading of your exposure included just a bit
Fag-id F-number for personally verified fags
S-number for video verified fags
Photo and video with fag-id chart photo and video are mandatory and will be published photo and video mandatory
the publication of the video is not mandatory
Fagscore included not applicable
Links to your other profiles and websites as many as you like one link to your allmylinks page
Personal information that has to be shared at least
  • real first name
  • country where you live
  • year of birth
  • you are allowed to use an alias
  • sharing your country is optional
  • sharing your year of birth is optional


Why would you want to do this?

With your Light exposure comes your unique fag-id. Use it in all your exposures to prove that you give consent to spreading your images. Guys who like to further expose you are assured that your images are not part of doxing. (See above).


Fagspose light with Video Verification costs € 50.

Fagspose light with personal verification costs € 100. Extended photography is possible at the regular price.

Termination of your exposure is only possible after paying a fine of € 200. This fine is increased by 3% per calendar year.

Apply for Fagspose Light

If you want to be exposed “light” send an email to