Arnoud, Netherlands — 32 Comments

  1. Nice cock. I love looking at cock. Nice asshole. I love looking at gaping asshole. Men exposing themselves naked while using real name is so cool. Thank you Arnoud and Fagspose.

    • Marc Gurel is indeed exposed on Fagspose. Almost 4 weeks now. And he got scared. He removed several accounts on other websites. But once you are on Fagspose, it is very expensive to be removed….

    • Ich finde es total geil sich das zu trauen. Ich liebe es zu sehen und in Teilen
      zeige ich mich auch nackt. Es ist der Kick erwischt zu werden der mich antreibt es immer weiter zu treiben.
      Klasse wie ihr das macht.

  2. great exposure.

    what makes this interesting is hes so young. he’ll spend decades as a laughing stock/ cum dump for men’s entertainment. He is willing to ruin his life for our enjoyment… thats a true sub. I hope he’s ready for the consequences. Be careful what you wish for! lol

    I’d rate a 5/5

  3. Arnoud shamelessly fisting his asshole on the bench and then cranking it wide open for some big gapes really makes this an exposure to remember! That rectum looked real loose and worn out in those final photos of Arnoud spreading his ass cheeks for the camera. Zoom in on his freshly fist-fucked gaping shitter and check out the lube oozing from his busted anus:

    Tell me how anyone walks away from a photoset like that with any dignity?

  4. Geil man! Lekker naakt met je benen zo wijd mogelijk. We kijken recht je soepele hol binnen 😜

  5. Je hebt een leuke kop, mooi lijf, lekkere lul en bent overal heerlijk glad geschoren, mmm…
    K heb vooral erg genoten van je outdoor filmpje op Xhamster en heb de indruk dat jij bij het maken daarvan ook plezier had.

  6. Die Schwuchtel hat ein geiles Fickloch, einladend. Die Eier müssen sicherlich auch “verwöhnt” werden.

  7. Mooie foto’s Arnaud en goed van je je zo te laten zien. Ik zou je best wel eens willen ontmoeten

    • Arnoud shows everything in a so natural way, that it could help other fags considering exposure to make decision.

      • It’s art, passion and emotion. You have the freedom to choose how you want to be used, it’s the culture of freedom. It seems to me the most normal and natural thing in life.

        • Thats it – i think naked people, having nothing to hide, are more “true”, but strong at the same time, to be able to take clothes off and expose do others.

  8. If someone makes a documentary about modern fetishes, they should talk about exposure, and if they do, they ought to use Arnoud as an opportunity for a deep dive. He could become much more famous that way. 😉

    • With other projects I have been asked by documentary makers for input and models. Once Fagspose has some more fags exposed, they will sure find me. And you are right, Arnoud would love all the extra attention! He would watch the documentary over and over again and get hard every time…. (You can ask him yourself…)

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