Arnoud, Netherlands — 12 Comments

    • Arnoud shows everything in a so natural way, that it could help other fags considering exposure to make decision.

      • It’s art, passion and emotion. You have the freedom to choose how you want to be used, it’s the culture of freedom. It seems to me the most normal and natural thing in life.

  1. If someone makes a documentary about modern fetishes, they should talk about exposure, and if they do, they ought to use Arnoud as an opportunity for a deep dive. He could become much more famous that way. 😉

    • With other projects I have been asked by documentary makers for input and models. Once Fagspose has some more fags exposed, they will sure find me. And you are right, Arnoud would love all the extra attention! He would watch the documentary over and over again and get hard every time…. (You can ask him yourself…)

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