What is Fagspose?

Fagspose is an art and diversity project. Gay and bisexual men who identify as fag or faggot can get the worldwide and permanent exposure they crave. Fagspose gives them a way to express themselves.

This is done by distributing compromising photos and videos, complete with full name and other personal information.

For the exposed fags it is a (sexual) excitement to be seen by everyone naked and in compromising images. The fear that acquaintances could also see these images and confront the fag with them reinforces this feeling.

Many men who exhibit do so on a temporary basis. Some do it once in a while and others can be seen regularly on exposure sites and a little later they disappear again.
A small group explicitly chooses to be permanently exposed and absolutely does not want their exposure to be removed in the distant future. Not even at their own request. This certainty that the choice once made to always remain exposed is an important part of the total feeling of being an exposed fag.

Privacy legislation imposes clear limits on sharing this type of information and images. That is why Fagspose uses a very strict procedure to ensure that only men who really want to be permanently exposed can be seen on the site.

Who is behind Fagspose?

Fagspose is an initiative by Sir Erik, photographer of Fotoserie.net.

I noticed there is a group of men who identify as worthless sub (fag, faggot) and feel the need to show themselves, just to be publicly humiliated.

Often they are in a closed bubble that prevents the real humiliation from happening. Some of these bubbles are so large, with many thousands of participants, that a few hours after posting a picture or video, you will be swamped by others.

What is more, the quality of the pictures men take of themselves is poor.

In addition, it is often impossible to determine whether a person is actually exposing himself or herself voluntarily.

Fagspose solves all these problems.

You can read more about my motivation in the Procedure of becoming exposed.

Careful working method

Care is of the utmost importance to me. You can see this from the long texts on this site ….

Only when I am convinced that it is your true wish to be permanently exposed, I will add you to the site.

To avoid any misunderstandings now and in the future, all agreements will be confirmed in writing.

I am registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 343220838. All amounts mentioned include VAT. All financial transactions take place via my business bank account in the Netherlands. So no obscure tricks with foreign accounts.

If you have any questions about Fagspose, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Website in English

This website is in English to reach the largest possible audience.
English is not my native language and there is no budget to hire a professional translator.

Most of the texts on this site are written with the basic knowledge of the English language that I have. The advantage of this is that the site is easy to understand for other people for whom English is not their native language. The disadvantage is that for people whose native language is English, the sentences can sometimes be unclear and illogical.

It is appreciated when people whose native language is English point out to me when a particular sentence is patently incorrect and really needs correction.

Sometimes I use online translation services such as Google Translate and Deepl.

If the interpretation of a text is not clear, it is recommended to contact me. In the event of disagreement about the interpretation of a text, the text must be interpreted as I intended it.