One of the reasons Fagspose started in 2023 was the bad photo and video quality of most exposures on the internet. For that reason the preferred method of verification is to meet Sir Fagspose in real life. But for those who can’t make the trip to the Netherlands, it is possible to get verified by video.

Besides the actual online video verification, you will need to provide a video and several photos of the best possible quality! Follow these guidelines and enjoy the better footage you create!

Fagspose photo and video rules

All fags that want to be exposed, need to keep these rules in mind. Look at the photos and videos of the fags that have been verified personally by Sir Fagspose to see what you should try to achieve.

  • You have to show your face clearly. You have to be completely recognisable.
  • You have to be naked.
  • At least some of your photos should be without any accessoires. Only a chastity device is allowed.
  • If you identify as sissy, you still have to show yourself without all the sissy stuff. We want the see the fag behind the sissy mask! (In your Fagspose profile links to your sissy exposures are allowed).

Tips for better photo and video quality

  • Ask a friend to help you. Taking (sexy) photos just by yourself is very difficult. If there is nobody to help you, be prepared to spend several hours or days before you get at least a bit of acceptable results. Be critical. And try again. There are tons of tutorials available. Watch several before you start.
  • Light!
    Make sure there is enough light! Go outdoors if possible (but avoid harsh direct sunlight).
    Do not take photos at night with only a few light bulbs.
  • Avoid backlight.
    Always put the camera between you and the light source.
  • Fix the camera.
    Use a tripod, or use something else to keep the camera from shaking.
  • No matter how gay you are, keep the camera straight!
    keep the horizon level
  • Choose the best image quality settings of your camera.
    That means the highest resolution and biggest file size.
  • Find a suitable background.
    Remove all stuff that is distracting.
  • Use an (interval) timer.
  • Use the front camera of your smart phone, because it has the better image quality.
  • Look in the lens, not on the screen.
  • Hold your ID next to your face to be sure it is in focus.
    How to take a selfie with ID: Hold the ID next to your face.

Additional for the video

  • Find a place with as little as possible background noise.
  • Put the camera on a tripod or fix it in an other way. Never hold the camera in your hand! Shaking camera is terrible for the viewers.
  • Talk with a loud and clear voice and look in the lens all the time.
  • Make your video interesting! You can make it as long as you like. Show yourself! Play with yourself. Turn around and show your ass. Use a toy. Just do something! See the videos Arnoud and Dirk Groten for inspiration. And get some more inspiration here!
  • If possible, record in landscape position in the highest resolution available.
  • This video is going to stay with you for ever. So you better make sure it is really good!


If it is possible, ask a friend to help you. And you can watch many tutorials on YouTube about photography and filming.

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