Have you read up on what exactly it means to be exposed? Are you really sure you want to be exposed? Then follow this step-by-step plan. And if you find along the way that it is too extreme for you (yet), you can always stop. All your details will be kept completely confidential. Only after you sign the declaration that you want to be exposed, your photos, video(s) and personal information will be published.

Characteristics of being exposed by Fagspose

To name the characteristics of being exposed on Fagspose, first a description of what distinguishes Fagspose from other channels where fags are exposed.

  • Many exposure websites are cluttered with many images and text. Unclear and confusing.
    Fagspose has a simple view that also works well on mobile phones. And the aim is not to post as many photos as possible, but to give a platform to the most ultimate fags.
  • 100% fake-free!
    Fagspose personally checks every fag. Now (November 2023), in the initial phase of this project, only fags photographed and filmed by Fagspose itself will be shown. Every ID will be personally checked by the Fagspose photographer. Fakes will be rejected immediately.
    In the future, there will be video verification. For now, we only use face-to-face meetings.
  • Traceable.
    Every photo and video published by Fagspose has a watermark and a URL with the personal page of the exposed fag.
  • High image quality.
    Fagspose only publishes photos and videos taken by its own photographer. At the moment this is only Erik from fotoserie.net. Maybe other gay photographers will join in the future.
  • Every fag gets a fagscore.
    The more personal information he gives and the more humiliating pictures he shows, the higher the score.
    It is possible to get a higher fag score temporarily or permanently for a fee.
  • Removal of your data from fagspose.com is only possible after paying a fine. (see below).
    In the early stages of this project, the fine is not that high. Over time, the fine will increase for new participants. The amount of the fine will be in writing so you know exactly where you stand.
    This fine is necessary to keep out one-dayers and to ensure the quality of the site.


Hang in there! You really need to read all the information on this website carefully. You are about to make a decision that could have far-reaching consequences for the rest of your life.


Conditions to be exposed by Fagspose

  1. You are a male aged 23 or over.
  2. Your sexual orientation is gay or bisexual.
  3. It is your own deeply felt desire to be exposed. You’re not doing it because someone else tells you to.
  4. You are willing to be photographed completely naked, in humiliating poses and recognisable.
  5. You are willing to appear in a video completely naked and tell you want to be exposed on fagspose.com and all over the web and beyond.
  6. You agree to the publication of photos and videos.
  7. You agree to the publication of your real first name, year of birth and country of residence.
  8. You are willing to have your identity verified by the Fagspose photographer.
  9. You are aware that it is only possible to remove your data from fagspose.com after paying a fine. The amount of the fine is stated in the declaration confirming the cooperation agreement (see terminate exposure on the Price page).
  10. You understand that it is impossible to completely remove all images and information from the Internet, should you ever wish to do so in the distant future.
  11. You have seen the costs and want to pay to be exposed.

Procedure of becoming exposed by Fagspose

What is unique about Fagspose is that you are photographed and filmed by a professional photographer. At the moment it is me, Erik from fotoserie.net. Other photographers may be on board in the future.

For now, taking photos and videos is free. This is because the site needs to be filled with as many real fags as possible. When the site is big enough, new participants will have to pay a small fee.

We will make an appointment for the photo shoot. As I do not (yet) have my own studio, we will have to meet somewhere near my home town of Hoogerheide (a village near Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands). Fortunately, there are plenty of nice places to meet, such as De Duintjes and the car park at the Kreekrak, where men sometimes go cruising. (And that, of course, makes it even more exciting….)

I travel around the Netherlands on a fairly regular basis. I visit Arnhem at least ten times a year and stay there for a few days. I also visit Oss and Schagen several times a year. So if you live in one of these places, or along the shortest route from Bergen op Zoom to one of these places, we can easily meet at your place (at home or nearby). Of course I can also come to other places, but then I will have to charge for travel.

Be aware that taking photos and videos for Fagspose is not the same as taking an extensive series of photos. The whole session won’t take more than half an hour. It is possible to have more photos taken if you wish, but the regular fotoserie.net prices will apply.

Once we have scheduled and confirmed a meeting, you will of course not cancel it. But if you have to cancel it, do it as quickly as you can. A cancellation fee can apply. (The reason for this rule is that in the past I have too often waited in vain for people and lost income because I was not available for another client).

Step by step

  1. Having carefully read the page above, you can fill in the application form.
    Include links to sites that already have photos of you. (For example Romeo.com and Recon.com).
    If these sites do not have clear photos with your face, you should reconsider whether you want to be exposed.
  2. You will receive a questionnaire. Here you will fill in your personal details and indicate which ones may be revealed. On the questionnaire you also indicate which poses you are willing to take and which (sexual) acts you are willing to show.
  3. You will receive a statement in which you give consent to the exposure.
    Read the statement carefully and let us know if there is anything you do not understand.
    You do not need to sign the statement yet. We will do this when you meet the photographer.
  4. You will also receive a contract from xHamster.com giving me permission to include your footage on their site. This also includes the § 2257 statement required for US sites. This contract also authorises me to use it on similar sites.
  5. Send us a message when you have completed the questionnaire (online) and agree with the statement.
  6. We will call you to make an appointment and choose a location. Any additional requirements (such as additional photos) can also be discussed.
  7. You will receive an email confirming the appointment and any (travel) costs. This way you know exactly where you stand and are not faced with any unexpected costs. The appointment is final when you accept the confirmation.

Within days of the meeting, your personal page will be online on fagspose.com and your photos and videos will be shared on the various social media, porn sites and expose groups.
From then on, you are truly exposed!