If you want to be exposed by Fagspose, you will have to produce three documents.

It is very important that you take this very seriously. It has consequences for the rest of your life!

Keep in mind that these documents will change in the future, to stay in line with international laws and good internet practises.


The main document of your exposure is the Fagspose Questionnaire.

Example of Fagspose Questionnaire

During the application process you will receive a link to your personal Questionnaire. You only have to click the link and a spreadsheet opens in Google Docs.

It is highly recommended to use a PC or large tablet to fill in the Questionnaire!

All instructions are in de Questionnaire, so it is easy to understand. Make sure you answer all questions and read the instructions very carefully.

Fagspose Model Release

In the Questionnaire is a link for you to download the Model Release. With this document you give Fagspose permission to publish your photos, videos and information everywhere we want. The document is based on documents used by the well known porn sites.

Example of Fagspose Model Release agreement

Read the document very carefully and make sure you understand the consequences. You need to be very precise with your answers. If you choose to write the information by hand, make sure it is readable!!! Otherwise it will be rejected by third parties and you exposure will not be complete.

Fagspose Statement

This is in words that are easy to understand the statement that you want to be exposed.

Example of Fagspose Statement v1.3

Print and sign with blue pen

Third parties don’t accept digital signatures, e-signatures and whatsoever. They only accept the documents when they are printed on paper. You need to sign with a blue pen. And then send a photo of each page. (Scans might be rejected when the paper is not clearly visible).

This is not my choice. I would rather have a paperless solution, but the big porn sites are not ready for this (yet).
If you don’t have a printer, just ask a friend or go to your local library.