The preferred way to get verified for exposure on Fagspose, is to meet in person. This is to maintain the desired image quality for photos and videos. But for those who can’t afford a trip to the Netherlands, it is now possible to get verified by video call.

First you need to read the rules for exposure on the procedure page. When you follow all the steps, you get back to this point automatically.

B. Video verification

We are now almost at the point that we can make an appointment for video verification.

Before we make the actual appointment, you still have to do some home work.

You received an email with your brand new fag-id. This fag-id will stay with you for the rest of your life and you can use it always and everywhere to prove your consent with exposure.

Once you received your fag-id, you have two weeks to finish these tasks. If you don’t finish them in time, your application will be removed and your payment will not be refunded.

  1. Print and sign the documents from the previous step in the procedure:
    – Questionnaire
    – Fagspose Statement
    – Fagspose Model Release
  2. Take two official IDs. Take good photos of the front and back of each. Make sure everything is readable.
    These photos are needed to verify your identity and consent for porn sites. Your IDs will NEVER be published by Fagspose. They will be stored safely.
  3. Take a good photo of you holding one ID next to your face.
  4. You received your fag-id and Fagspose verification chart by email. Print the verification chart.
    You can additionally write your fag-id on your body, but make sure it is easy to read.
  5. Record a video, holding the verification chart.
    Say your name and declare that you want to be exposed on
    Obviously, you have to be naked and your face clearly visible. Sissies have to look like a man. No wig, no make-up.
    See these examples:

    Pay attention to the quality of your video!
  6. Take 10 photos in various fag positions, completely naked. You face has to be clearly visible. No accessoires. The only exception is a small chastity device for fags that are always locked.
    Again, pay attention to the quality of your photos!
    Here are some examples, made by Dirk Groten (F117).
    15 positions for fags by Dirk Groten
  7. Make a good close up of your face.
    Cees Janssen, Eindhoven, Netherlands exposed by Fagspose
    Feel free to add your fag-id to the photo!
  8. Send your signed documents, photos van video via to You will be informed if it is received and meets the quality standards.
  9. When you did your homework well and all your material is accepted, we make an appointment for a video call (with Jitsi Meet, Zoom, Teams or anything that works for you).
    During this call you show again your Fagspose verification chart and the documents you signed. You will have to perform some simple tasks, just to make sure that it is really you in the video and not artificial intelligence. The entire video call will be recorded and kept on file as proof of consent.

And that’s it! Fagspose is going to do some magic and your personal exposure page will be online within a week. (Most of the time within one or two days).

From now on, you can always certify your exposures by just using your Fagspose fag-id! In the weeks and months to come, your material will be uploaded on many sites until it is impossible to ever remove it from the world wide web. You will stay exposed for always and ever!!!