Dirk Groten, Amsterdam, Netherlands — 9 Comments

    • Dirk Groten is certainly available for public use. Just contact him and you will see.

      You can show your are really interested in using him, by spreading his information online. That’s how you make fags happy.

  1. It is certainly commendable that Dirk was willing to brave the bad weather and the prospect of extreme social humiliation by exposing himself on Fagspose! But he should have been made to split his shitter with that big dildo and show the world a nice big gape! Perhaps he was asked but was apprehensive? He does after all have one of tightest looking assholes on this site so far. Hopefully if he comes back for more exposure he will be made to tear his tight anus in two. Then he can practice his deep throating skills on a dildo that stinks of his asshole.

  2. I wonder what his work will do once they find his exposing page. If I was his coworker I would blackmail him into being my office slut

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