Being exposed is being shown on the internet in a recognisable and humiliating way. It means being completely naked, often in a submissive or sexual position. For example, being caught jerking off or with a dildo up your ass.
Also, your real name and other personal details will be published with the photos!

fag Arnoud from the Netherlands exposed

fag Arnoud from the Netherlands exposed

Being unwillingly exposed

Most people are familiar with “being exposed” in a negative sense. For example, distributing nude photos of an ex-lover.

Spreading nude photos of other people without permission is punishable by law (for sure in the Netherlands).

Fagspose only facilitates men who want to be exposed with their full consent.


Voluntarily exposed? Who does that and why?

In the gay community, which Fagspose primarily targets, there is a group of men who get a kick out of being humiliated and seen by others. They often refer to themselves as faggot, fag, sub, slave, beta and so on.
In English, faggot (or shorter: fag) is a strong swear word. American (internet) censorship sometimes blocks the use of these words. Perhaps that is why it is used as a slur in the gay community. In the hierarchy of the gay world, a fag is at the bottom.

Exposing goes beyond exhibitionism. An exhibitionist occasionally (or more often…) feels the need to show himself. A fag who wants to expose himself is already excited by the idea that others will see him in embarrassing and humiliating scenes. The humiliation is complete if the pictures also contain personal (privacy sensitive) information such as full name and contact details. It gives these fags a thrill to know that their image might turn up somewhere and they might be confronted with it, occasionally and perhaps even inappropriately. Can you think of anything more embarrassing?

Read more about exposing fags on Urban Dictionary.

Screenshot Telegram expose group

Screenshot of a Telegram group with the theme of fags exposing themselves and other men spreading these messages further.


Show ID

In the most extreme form of self-exposure, fags share personal, privacy-sensitive information in addition to the images. In order to show that the fag wants to be exposed, it has become common practice to include an ID in the photo or video. In the above example of a Telegram expose group, you can see that the ID is added to each photo, as well as a legible close-up.
To protect fags from themselves, Fagspose makes the identifying numbers and signature on ID cards unrecognisable. Identity theft is too big a risk. And as exciting as it is, it makes sense to draw the line somewhere.

Naked guy shows driver's license to show he wants to be exposed

Naked guy shows driver’s license as prove that he wants to be exposed

Exposure spreading

The goal of exposure is total humiliation. The more people see the pictures, the greater the humiliation. At the moment, Telegram groups are very popular. And they are relatively safe, because the people in these groups are other fags and gays. The real humiliation happens outside these bubbles, on Twitter for example. There, you are much more likely to be found when someone searches for your name.

Everyone is encouraged to spread the images of exposing fags as widely as possible. Often there will be an explicit request to do so. Also on Fagspose, all images can be downloaded and reused. The only condition is that the photos and videos are distributed in their entirety. It is not allowed to remove parts.

When distributing pictures of exposing fags, it is important to ensure that the person has given permission. On Fagspose this is guaranteed. Fagspose only publishes pictures after written permission of the person in question. By visiting the URL shown in the photo or video, anyone can verify the authenticity.

How does being exposed work?

Having read all the above information, do you really think you are one of those worthless faggots that needs to be completely and permanently humiliated? For the rest of your life? Because be aware that it is impossible to delete the pictures from the Internet if you regret it in a few years’ time.

To avoid impulsive decisions, Fagspose always has a reflection period. And if you regret it during the process of being exposed, you can always withdraw. But once the pictures are online, it is too late.

That’s enough to warn you about. Are you sure you want to be exposed? Then it’s time to go on to the Procedure and learn all about how to get exposed.