Until video verification becomes available, we have to meet in person if you want to be exposed.

You can see my travel plans at the top of this page and the home page.

If I am going to be near you and you want to be exposed and you have some free time, this could be the perfect time for you to be exposed!

What do you have to do?

Send me a message as soon as possible by email AND by Telegram.
Skip the “hi” and “how are you”. Just get straight to the point. Where can we meet and what times are you available.
While you wait for my reply, you can start filling in the application form.

I will reply as soon as I can. But don’t be disappointed if it takes a while. Because when I travel, it is most likely that I am enjoying myself without my phone.

Is it possible to meet today?

Probably not. It is best to make arrangements at least a few days in advance. But you can always try…


I try to keep the information about my travel plans as up to date as possible. But when travelling, it is not possible to keep it up to date in real time.