I am a sissy. Can I be exposed?

Fagspose is exposing men. You need to show yourself naked without make-up and without a wig.
You can opt for additional photography, in which you are completely free to show your sissy side or anything else you want to reveil. But the basic exposure will always be your manly appearance.

Will I be indexed by Google when you expose me?

Yes. The entire site and online presence is aimed at being found by search engines like Google and Bing. And it works. So if you like to be exposed, but stay anonymous, than Fagspose is not for you. Telegram is probably a good place for you. See the various Telegram groups on the links page.

I live too far away to meet you, but I want to be exposed on Fagspose!

Wait until video verification is set up. I expect it to be ready within several months.

Sir, what is the correct way to address you Sir!?

You can address me the way you think is correct. You can call me by my name: Erik. By using ‘Sir’ in the Fagspose context, I just want to make clear what my position in the exposing world is. So don’t take it too seriously.
Much more important is that you don’t waste my time. Online I want conversations to be short and efficient. So first read the most important pages on this website before you start asking questions. These pages are Procedure and Price.


Did you not find your question answered here? Try the search box in the top right corner. Or read the pages about what is being exposed, the procedure to be exposed or the price of being exposed. And you can of course contact me as well.