If you have a suggestion for a good website to increase the exposure of our fags, please let us know.


Fagspose is using these websites:

Twitter – X: twitter.com/fagspose

Bluesky: bsky.app/profile/fagspose.bsky.social

Mastodon: mastodon.social/@fagspose

Sharesome: sharesome.com/Fagspose recommended!

Thisvid: thisvid.com/members/4851715

xHamster: xhamster.com/users/fagspose

Pornhub: pornhub.com/model/fagspose

BDSMLR: fagspose.bdsmlr.com

Romeo: romeo.com/groups/member/fagspose

Fetlife: fetlife.com/groups/269623

ImageFap: imagefap.com/profile/Fagspose

AdultNode: adultnode.com/Fagspose

Redgifs: redgifs.com/users/fagspose


Sites exposing fags

Sites exposing fags have a reputation of disappearing without any notification. And all your photos and videos are gone… Fagspose is run by a Dutch company and hosted on servers from a Dutch hosting provider. Their servers are physically based in the Netherlands. The rules for creating online adult content in the Netherlands are friendlier than many other countries. For example originally German companies like Romeo (GayRomeo / PlanetRomeo) and Gayroyal started in Germany but moved to the Netherlands and became a Dutch company after the rules in Germany became unworkable.

These are the main fag exposing sites in October 2023:
(in random order)



warning: a lot of advertising when you click on something




Discord: ExposedRealFun





Fags exposed on Telegram

Telegram is probably the place where most faggots start exposing themselves. It’s relative safe, because your exposure is amongst people that are actively looking for such content. Some groups get hundreds op posts each day. You will end up in a huge pile of other fags that are looking for some attention. This is a good start for your career as an exposer. But for real exposure outside this bubble, you will have to use sites like all the ones listed above and of course Fagspose itself.

Telegram groups

Groups on Telegram allow you to post directly and are the easiest way to expose yourself.
(In brackets is the number of subscribers per November 2023)

Totally exposed (7k)

Exposing gay world (12k)

MasterXposer X group (1k)

Nederlands-vlaamstalig exposed chat new (1k)

Spread your faggot pussy!! (2k)

Naughty dutch gays (1k)

fag vs fag (1k)

Faggots Haven 18+ (10k)

Exhibitionism public risky 18+ only guys (36k)

Real boys exposed (4k)

Telegram channels

Each Telegram channel is managed by a channel owner. You have to him and ask to be exposed. Each channel has its own rules.

Fagspose (70 – join now to grow my channel!)

Mark’s star fags (20k)

Officially registered ruined faggots (2k)

Expose yourself channel (8k)

Christov’s fags (8k)

Museum of faggots/exhibitionists (4k)

Exposure empire channel (4k)

Exposed fags (5k)

MalePublicExhib (52k)


Some more links

These links are mainly here to help search engines to their job.






Exposure sites you should not use

These sites have too many pop-ups, pop-unders and other misleading technology. Some of these sites even know how to mislead add blockers. Just don’t use them, because there are alternatives. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for the guys who are looking at your photos and videos and are maybe not able to recognise misleading content.
A good browser extension to solve some of these problems is Ghostery.



Exposing sites that don’t exist anymore


fagmaster.com (archive)

exposedrealfun.com (continued on discord)





absolutely.exposed (see Internet Archive)