Cees Janssen, Eindhoven, Netherlands — 18 Comments

  1. What a horny pics and be exposed like that.
    Every exposed fag would like to exposed
    like Cees

  2. Jesus Christ! Cees has one deep shitpipe! Did you see just how much of that big black double dildo that he managed to cram up there!? I think I would cry out in both pain and shame if someone made me impale my anus like Cees all the while taking photographs for the internet. I guess this is the price that you have to pay for internet fame and Cees is utterly shameless about it! Just look at how unperturbed he is by the camera sitting in that sex swing showing off his big hard boner! Cees wanted internet fame and he certainly got it in this photoshoot.

    Oh and when you type in the search term ‘fagspose’ to Google images, Cees is the first faggot that appears in the results. Thanks to the power of Google indexing, a lot of people are going to be seeing that big pierced dick for many years to come!

  3. Dear Gerhard,

    again no I am not a gift giving person. When you are infected with HIV you get undetectable taken your medicine. At that time is it impossible to infect other persons. It’s called U=U. Undetetectable is Uninfectious.
    I have this tattoo not because I am proud being infected, but because I’m proud how I handle this situation and how I help people accepting their HIV infection.
    And I think it’s a very nice tattoo.


      • Pozzen
        HIV-negative people who aim for intentional seroconversion are called bug chasers, and their HIV-positive counterparts are called gift givers

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