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All men on this website identify themselves as fag or faggot. They have the deep desire to be seen by everybody as the real fag they feel deep inside. They like the idea of being recognised in real life. They choose completely voluntarily to reveal personal information, including real name, address and so on. 

They do not want to confront other people unsolicited with their nudity and sexual, exhibitionist feelings. That’s why they use Fagspose to show themselves. Fagspose has labelled itself as an “adult content” website, which means that search engines will only display the content of this site when “safe search” is deliberately disabled.

All participants prove their consent to full exposure by signing a contract, double ID verification and a personal verification by meeting Fagspose in person or in a video verification chat. This verification process is even more strict that used by the mayor porn websites! All verifications are recorded and are available for authorities.





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