Getting exposed on Fagspose is still possible for free, if you choose personal verification. And once exposed, you stay on the site forever and that costs absolutely nothing either!

If you can’t visit the Netherlands to get verified, you can choose video verification. The Basic exposure is still for free, but a verification fee of € 20 has to be paid.

Once there are enough fags on the site, new fags will have to pay a fee to get exposed. Below you can see exactly what is included in the price and what extras you can opt for.

Basic exposure

First, find out how to get exposed if you haven’t already.

A Basic exposure normally costs € 49, but is free for now. If you choose video verification, a verification fee of € 20 has to be paid.

The Basic exposure includes:

  1. Complete questionnaire and sign exposure statement.
  2. Complete the xHamster co-performer release agreement. This is required for your photos and video(s) to be published on xHamster and similar sites.
  3. We make an appointment to sign the documents and take photos and videos. You will usually come to see me. (See below under Where do we meet?)
  4. It will take a maximum of half an hour to take the photos and make the video. If you want more photos or a longer video, this is possible for an additional fee. (see below under Extended photos and video)
  5. You will get your own page on, e.g. Since such a long URL is a bit difficult to pronounce, you will also get a short URL. This will include your unique Fag ID. Example:
  6. Your page will have a maximum of 10 photos and 1 video. All the details you ticked in the questionnaire will also be published. And of course your fagscore.
  7. Fagspose distributes your photos and video(s) on a large number of websites.
  8. After some time, your page will be indexed by search engines and your exposure is complete!

Where do we meet?

The easiest way is that you come to see me. I live near Bergen op Zoom. I don’t have photo studio for myself or an other room that is suitable for indoor photography. So we will have to meet somewhere outdoors. There are many nice outdoor locations for photography in this area. If the weather is bad, we need to rent a room in a hotel or shared office building (which you have to pay for).

Quite frequently I travel in the Netherlands. And sometimes in Belgium (Flanders) and Germany (NRW). Also during holidays in Europe, I am available for photography/video shoots. Just check the top of this website.

I can also come to you, but travel expenses will be charged.

Extras (optional)

I come to you

Within the Netherlands and Flanders I charge a contribution to travel costs of € 0.39 per km and a fixed fee of € 50.
You can also opt for an extended photo series (and/or video) at a location of your choice. The fixed fee will then not apply.

Extended photo series and/or video

A complete photo series (possibly with video) where you can go all the way. Have a look at the portfolio.
The regular rates apply. Feel free to ask for more information!

Cancel appointment

Once we have scheduled and confirmed a meeting, you are of course not going to cancel it. But still, you can cancel it free of charge up to 72 hours before the session is due to start.
If you cancel between 36 and 72 hours before the appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee of €25. If you cancel within 4 and 36 hours, the cancellation fee is €50. If you cancel less than 4 hours in advance or do not turn up for the appointment, you will be charged €100. (The reason for this rule is that in the past I have too often waited in vain for people and lost income because I was not available for another client).

Terminate exposure

Of course you will never want to end your exposure on Fagspose. But if you really want to, your consent and exposure can be withdrawn, but only after paying a fine to Fagspose.
You have to be aware that your footage will continue to circulate on the internet and that you may appear years later despite being removed by Fagspose.

After paying the fine, all your data will be removed from the website and directly affiliated sites and social media.

The fine amounts to € 200 and is increased by 3% per calendar year.

What to do now?

Are you sure you want to be fully exposed? Go to the application form. Before we make an appointment, you will get a clear overview of the costs, so there will be no hidden surprises.

If you have any doubts, take your time. And get inspired by the fags on this site. Follow Fagspose on social media.