Your identity  has to be verified.

Later in the process you will have to send two of your official IDs to Fagspose.
You are not allowed to hide any information from your IDs.

It is allowed to put a watermark over the image, like in the example at the bottom of this page. (I am not sure if third parties (like xHamster, xvideos, PornHub, ThisVid) will accept it, but we can give it a try…)

Also the payment you have to make later in the process is part of the verification of your real identity. (See Price page).

Are you willing to take these steps?

Note 1: The well known porn sites often change their rules and make it difficult to get you exposed, so be prepared for additional requests to get you verified according to their updated rules.

Note 2: Fagspose only shares your IDs with websites that are found trustworthy. Sir Fagspose’s identity has been verified by these websites as well. So I test all the websites with my own ID before I add the fag’s IDs.

Note 3: Your IDs will be kept in a safe place and will not be shown on or any other website.

Note 4: If you have only one official ID, you can still be exposed on Fagspose, but the main porn websites (like PornHub and xvideos) might not accept you unless you verify yourself directly with them (which means you have to create your own account on these sites). Fagspose will still expose you on other sites.

Note 5: If you don’t trust Fagspose with your IDs, this is the moment to hit the NO button.

Example of ID with acceptable watermark